The Spiritual Philosophy of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba

“The Law of Karma”
Karma means willed activity or action.
Akarma is inaction or withdrawal from action.
Vikarma is action that is prohibited.
Karma is subdivided into:
1. Nithya karma is action that has to be performed everyday.
2. Naimithyaka karma is that to be performed which is specific for person concerned.
3. Kamya karmas are optional with a specific fruit in view.
4. Niskama karmas are those actions that are performed without any personal benefit or authorship, as a sacrifice for the general good of others.
Based on the time of fruitation of the karma, it can be classified as:
1. Sanchita Karma: the packages of karmas due to our past actions, which have to be exhausted in our future lives.
2. Prarabdha Karma: is that portion of the past karma that has given rise to the present body and which has to be exhausted by experiencing during the present life.
3. Agami Karma: These are the karmas yet to be earned in the present life or in the future lives.
Know first what Karma is. Karma is that which imparts natural livelihood for all living beings. One has to definitely reap the result of one`s own deeds (karma).Do your allotted duties without aspiring for the results. Keep your mind free from likes and dislikes (Raga-Dwesha).Grief and hardships are not caused by karma but by attachment of bonds of passion. If you have apathy for the fruits of your action, you will not be bound by them. The fruits of karma are nothing but Kama vasanas.If you consecrate your mind; you will get divine knowledge and attain the supreme state.
Shri Satchidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jaya.
Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda

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Dr. Mahesh Chandra Panda, M.B.B.S.,M.D. Date of Birth:29.02.1948 Retd. (29.02.2008) Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh Orissa India
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5 Responses to The Spiritual Philosophy of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba

  1. Dr. Madan Goyal says:

    It is perfectly explained.

    Lord Krishna also explained Karma in similar way in Gita.
    Basic of all human functions is Action or Karma.
    Good action leads to help sustain life on earth, helps people leading a happy life, decreases misery, helps people in trouble, achieves peace in individual mind and above all hormonises us with ‘Universal power, glory and wisdom’.

    Well done Dr. Panda.

  2. The law of karma applies to everyone, but one can transcend it through meditation. The law of karma exists and yet can be transcended by realisation, oneness with God and the power of spirituality.

    *Excerpt from the article ‘Experiencing enlightenment’ posted in ‘Spirituality’ segment of the website of ‘The Times of India’.

  3. Vinod Varma says:

    Thanks for the nice explanation about law of Karma, and different types of Karma. It is important to realize this for successful life and profession, especially when one is confused with various conflicting choices.

    Many people confuse Karma Yoga with inaction or action without commitment and dedication. Karma or action can be with full commitment and dedication. As Lord Krishna explains, it is not possible for anyone to be absolutely without-action even for a moment, and action is mandatory. All great achievers in all disciplines (around the world) have been active, dedicating themselves to service (or their chosen area of interest). Problem is, an untrained mind clings to past (previous experiences) and future (apprehensions and expectations, based on previous experiences) rather than living the present in its fullness. Subjective perceptions of mind distracts us from seeing the truth in its true form, and once we transcend this we realize that it is not our action but rather divine power acting through us. It helps us to be in the thick of action yet untouched by it at all.

  4. Dhandapani Muthuswamy says:

    Nice to get the knowledge about Law of Karma in The Spiritual Philosophy of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and thanks for it Drji.

  5. V Chandra Sekhar says:

    Namaste Dr.Pandaji,
    It is very interesting to read that the word “karma” carries so many connotations.One is sometimes spoiled for choices.The wise saying:”keep your mind free from likes & dislikes(Raga/Dwesha)” is sometimes difficult to implement in practice,as we as mortals are often drawn into the vortex of worldly attachments & passions. However, as your blog advocates, one must try to rise above the quagmire with constant unwavering sadhana.

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