My performance as a Guardian and Counsellor in Higher Education

In nineties of last century when my children were studying in schools, I worked out three principles for their higher education basing on my educational back ground and socio-economic status. I was 3rd child among 5 male and 3 female children of my parents. Way back in sixties and seventies, in spite of my parents` lower middle class economic status; we 5 brothers became doctors & engineers and 3 sisters were educated in college. I was recipient of scholarships through out my career in schools and colleges beginning from Lower Primary Scholarship to National Scholarship up to completion of my M.B.B.S career. I acquired my M.D. as an in-service doctor with full salary of the post held. My socio-economic status was that of a middle class family with a moderate income working as a Medical Officer of Orissa State Govt. Medical and Health Services during higher education of my children. The first principle I adopted was; merit is the only criteria for higher education of my children be it son or daughter. Secondly, I desired that my basic qualification being M.B.B.S.with additional qualification of M.D. acquired during service; my children should have; if not equal, equivalent qualifications in perusing their academic career according to their attitude and aptitude. Thirdly, no child will get higher education by donation irrespective of my financial capabilities.
My son Debashish passed H.S.C. exam. of Board of Secondary Education Orissa in 1994 from R.B.High School Padampur Dist.Bargarh securing 31st rank in the State. He desired to study +2 Science in B.J.B.College Bhubaneswar; having State level exposure and competition amongst top ranking 10th class pass out students of the State from BSE (O), CBSE and ICSE. As no student from Padampur had gone previously to study +2 Science in Bhubaneswar ;I sought the opinion of 3 educationists from local schools & college and 2 of my local friends but the majority of them were not in favour of sending my son to Bhubaneswar anticipating lack of proper guidance and tough competition at State level. However I; being a student of Intermediate (Pre-University and 1st.B.Sc.Examination) in Science from Ravenshaw College Cuttack, the premier and oldest college of Orissa; took the decision to educate my son in Bhubaneswar. My son passed +2 Sc. exam. of Council of Higher Secondary Education Orissa  securing 13th rank in the State in 1996. He also qualified in Orissa JEE 1996 in; but desired to study Engineering course in any of the IITs and opted for one year coaching for IIT-JEE 1997 in Rourkela Orissa. This time also no body, including my elder brother who was an engineer; appreciated my approval of my son`s aspiration anticipating tough competition at All India level. I could take such a tough decision basing on the fact that when at least 20-30 students from Orissa were qualifying in IIT-JEE in previous years; why my son can not qualify, who has secured 13th rank in Higher Secondary Examination 1996  of CHSE Orissa. My son qualified to get admission in IITs securing AIR 1741 in IIT-JEE 1997 for about 3000 seats available then in 6 IITs. My son and me as guardian attended counselling at IIT Kharagpur; and my son got admitted in Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati basing on his course-cum-institute preference as per his All India Rank.I had visited IIT Guwahati thrice during his study; first at the time of admission in 1997, second time during L.T.C. family trip in 1999 and third time to attend the Convocation of his graduation as B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering on May 25, 2001.
My first daughter Shibani passed B.Sc. (First Class Honours in Botany with Distinction) from Anchal College Padampur Dist.Bargarh in 1998 and M.Sc. (First Class First in Life Science) from Sambalpur University in 2000.She desired to peruse higher study in professional course and did certificate course at NIIT in Hyderabad in 2001-02 staying with my son doing his job then in Hyderabad. In 2002 she qualified in All India Entrance exam. conducted for admission in Adv.P.G.Diploma in Bioinformatics  course in University of Hyderabad, a Central University and got admitted in U.O.H. She passed the course in 2003 in First Class with Distinction. During her course in S.U. & U.O.H.; we, the parents have visited her place of study.
My second daughter Gayatri passed B.Sc. (First Class Honours in Botany with Distinction) from Anchal College Padampur Dist.Bargarh in 2001 and wanted to peruse higher study in applied Biology. She did certificate course at NIIT in Hyderabad staying with my son along with her elder sister in 2001-02. She got admitted for M.Sc. (Bioinformatics) course in Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology Bhubaneswar on merit selection in 2002.In the 4th semester of M.Sc. course; she did her project work at Dept. of Biochemistry,University of Hyderabad sponsored by O.U.A.T. She passed the course in First Class in 2004.We, the parents had visited her frequently in O.U.A.T. Bhubaneswar.
My first son-in-law Sunil was a Research Scholar in University of Hyderabad when his marriage proposal was settled with my first daughter. In 2003; I had visited his place of research, School of Chemistry in U.O.H. and encouraged him to peruse his study diligently with patience and perseverance which is much required in research activities. He was awarded Chemistry in 2007.
My second son-in-law Saikrishna was also a Research Scholar in University of Hyderabad when his marriage proposal was settled with my second daughter. In 2007; I had visited his place of research in Dept.of Biochemistry, School of Life Sciences in U.O.H. and encouraged him to peruse his study diligently with patience and perseverance. He was awarded Biochemistry in 2009.
I am to mention here that on principle; I have never interfered in choosing, leaving or joining a job by my son, daughters or son-in-laws after they acquired their requisite qualification. People in Orissa, especially from Bargarh and Padampur area have sought for my guidance as a  Career Counsellor for their sons and daughters during my service period and even after my retirement over phone and during my visits to Orissa; and they have succeeded in their goal.
Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda

About drmcpanda

Dr. Mahesh Chandra Panda, M.B.B.S.,M.D. Date of Birth:29.02.1948 Retd. (29.02.2008) Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh Orissa India
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42 Responses to My performance as a Guardian and Counsellor in Higher Education

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  2. Vinod Varma says:

    I believe, as Swami Vivekananda put; education is a process of discovering the knowledge within the individual. ….What we can and should do, is to provide the right environment, inspiration and guidance; guidance to bloom as an individual; not as we want them to do but rather what they are meant to be in tune with their nature, skills and dreams.

  3. Debashish Panda says:

    The author, who is my father and mentor; has been the major source of inspiration for all his children, not only in formal education but also in daily walks of life.

    His method of direction and supervision backed by a strong set of values, not involving any manipulation in terms of imposing his preferences and providing utmost freedom in whatever we wanted to do; was most important for all of us to learn and grow as human beings.

    His thinking seems to be in accordance with Swami Vivekananda’s advice as mentioned in the earlier comment, which shows the quality of his method.

    What we have learned from him is that true education is not to earn a profession but to earn the character and knowledge required to live life in the right spirit.

    Thanks a ton father for your invaluable direction and inspiration.

    • Dr.B.K.Patel in his mail sent to me has said:

      Dear Dr. Panda,
      I certainly remember you and your son Debashish. You have been an excellent father and counsellor no doubt about. I went through your nice article and appreciate your effort.

      Prof. Bhisma Kumar Patel
      Department of Chemistry
      Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

  4. Satya Ramana says:

    Namaste doctor,

    You have touched a very sensitive subject and this reminds me of my parents, though they are no more in their physical forms; but their values inculcated have always been a source of inspiration for my sister, brother and me.

    I can feel the warmth in your affection as father; the faith in your core values as a guardian and counsellor and I am really delighted understanding the inspiration you have been for your family and all.

    Hari OM,

  5. It is a great lesson for the readers, especially those who get carried away by the corruption and hardships of life.

    The child should be guided in right direction, supported in his genuine difficulties; but should never be supported wrongly for getting ahead in competition. Once supported wrongly, it becomes a habit pattern with the child. This further weakens the child for shortcuts.

    Your life is a brilliant piece of example in true service and child rearing. Spirituality at retired age is again is marvelous pursuit. You are a saint in true sense.

    I, myself belong to same school of thought, though with less contribution to the world in the form of intellectual children. My wife agreed only for one issue. He was though guided, but always put on difficult problems, to solve himself. He got selected in eight medical colleges and ranked 11th in AIIMS exam, from where he has completed his MBBS. He has now cleared step 1 of USMLE with an excellent score, and will appear in all India PG entrance tests. He is presently doing a house job in cardiology in AIIMS.

    Child needs VALUES AND NOT MONEY.

  6. Thanks a lot for your valuable article; where I learnt many things.

    Sticking to your principle;not imposing your wish on your children,creating educational environment etc.; indicates that you are a true and ideal guardian and career counsellor.

    Though I belong to Western Orissa nearer to your native place, I was unknown about your family background.

    Really your home is a factory producing doctors & engineers.

    Sir,could you please counsel me for my better career!
    However, at present I am working with UNICEF-Uttar Pradesh.


    We became very much impressed reading your article titled ‘My performance as a Guardian and Counsellor in Higher Education’ of 1st September 2010.

    We are anxious to know about your childhood days.
    Please write an article about your childhood days.
    So it will be helpful and encourageous to all.



    • Dear Puja, Partha, Sonu, Tinu
      Happy Nuakhai at your place!

      I well remember on the day of Nuakhai in 1997, we (I & Debashish) after celebration of Nuakhai in our home left Padampur in the afternoon to proceed for admission of Debashish in IIT Guwahati.

      Love & Blessings

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  9. Susanta Kumar Panigrahi says:

    Your article indicates a lot of inspiration and direction.

    Really being a father you have performed your responsibilities sincerely and became an example of ideal guardian of brilliant children.

    Definitely it will create new hope and awareness for all.

    Thanks a lot.

  10. angela says:

    pls sir i want to choose which profession as a course in higher education.
    so i want to know all it takes and all about it i need.
    pls advise.

  11. bjairaj jairaj bairoju says:

    interested to learn yoga in your university.
    pl let us know is there any part time course as such.

    • Dear bjairaj,

      I learnt the theory and practice of yoga being a yoga practitioner since July 28,2009 by study of texts relating to yoga,practice of yoga in a yoga center under the guidance of qualified & trained yoga instructor and attending interactive sessions at SVYASA Yoga University Bangalore.

      To know about different courses offered by SVYASA; you may visit the website of SVYASA Yoga University Bangalore.

      To learn yoga,as a counsellor I will advise you:

      1.To read my article Swadhyaya of Yoga published in Yoga and Spirituality.

      2.You may read the book ‘Light on Yoga’ authored by B K S Iyengar and join a recognised Yoga centre for initial learning of yoga practices for at least six months and then Swadhyaya of Yoga can be taken up.

      3.To know more about Yoga classes,you may visit the website of dhrti yoga and know about types of yoga sessions and choose one befiting to your age and time you can devote for yoga practice.

  12. drmcpanda says:

    The article My performance as a Guardian and Counsellor in Higher Education reflects Self-realisation and Self-analysis of Karma, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga in Yoga and Spirituality.

  13. Sonu says:

    Respected Badabapa,
    I have tried my best in +2 examination 2011 and I am sure that I`ll get success.Now I am preparing for some entrance examinations.
    Plz let me know ur recent success story as a career counsellor for guidance on getting success in entrance examinations.
    Abinash ( Sonu )

    • Badsah son of my old colleague L.A.Khan of Padampur got admitted in B.Tech. Course of Agriculture Engineering (his best possible career choice as per his merit) in August 2010 upon my guidance in career choice and on the spot counselling at O.U.A.T. Bhubaneswar over phone from Bangalore.

      • My nephew Kalicharan Panda (Suraj) native of Melchhamunda Dist. Bargarh Odisha who secured AIR 19129 & SR 243 in AIEEE-2012 got admitted in B.Tech course in NIT (National Institute of Technology) Rourkela in July 2012. He had sought my guidance in internet and over phone during online counselling in filling up choice of institute & course; and I am happy to learn that he succeeded.

  14. Education has a vital role to play in our lives, for not only does it impart knowledge and provide us with skills to make a living but it also teaches us the value of interpersonal relationships.

    *Excerpt from the article’Value of education’ published in ‘Religion’ columns of ‘The Hindu’ on June 28, 2011.

  15. Madhusudan Mahunta says:

    I would like to tell students & young readers:
    The Vedic scriptures say:
    “Matr devo bhava.”
    “Pitr devo bhava.”
    “Acharya devo bhava.”
    Honour your mother, father and guru as God.

  16. Dear Mr.Jeyes,
    I read your article ‘It was counselling for the whole family !’published in Open Page of The Hindu on July 31, 2011.

    Thank you for your nice description, emotion & sentiment ; at the same time I would like to request you to read my article ‘My performance as a Guardian and Counsellor in Higher Education’ published in my blog Yoga and Spirituality through the link .

    Best Wishes
    Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda

  17. J.Jeyes says:

    Dear Dr. Panda,
    Thanks for your appreciation.
    The article was an expression of engineering admission experience I had recently.

    I read your blog and found it quite interesting.

    My best wishes to you for your efforts to serve community around you.

    With warm regards.
    J Jeyes

  18. Venerated Kaka,
    My deepest regards for you and convey my best wishes to Shibani,Debashish and Gayatri. Your experience as mentioned in “My performance as a Guardian and Counsellor in Higher Education” will truly inspire the readers. Dated back to around 1990….Me, Shibani, Debashish, Chuni, Jitnu & your home (Gaisilat) experienced the true direction of Dada (Your Papa) too.

    Remembering You…
    Yours Putura..
    Ramakanta Sahu(Chinta)
    Cell:09766310424, 08421346567.

  19. V.Nageswar Rao says:

    Dear Sir,

    The article clearly defines for any father to know the methods and ways of counselling to the children.

    It’s really very valuable and learningful article to any parents to counsel their children.


  20. After reading the article ‘My performance as a Guardian and Counsellor in Higher Education’, Professor BM Hegde in his mail sent to me has said:

    Good one Sir.
    Thank you for enlightening me.
    Professor BM Hegde,
    MD, PhD, FRCP (Lond, Edin, Glasg, & Dublin), FACC, FAMS
    Padma Bhushan Awardee 2010
    Former Vice Chancellor, Manipal University.

  21. Rahul Panda says:

    Dear Badabapa

    I read your article. It’s very best to know the willingness and dedication towards your children as an guardian for their future. I am very much happy and appreciate all the experiences your ever had. People must learn something from this and I learnt one thing, good education is not always a big deal but education with elders` blessing always have great impact on building of character.

    Something more I wanna to share, it’s a great happiness and pleasure to meet you all on January 7, 2012 at your Bangalore home and one of my great day to hear all your life story about dedication towards Sai Baba, Yoga and Meditation. One more thing, I love the way you all live and Debashish dada, Sunil dada are quite extraordinary persons I had ever met.

    I wanna make a request, can you post an article about our Bargarh district.
    Thanks for sharing all your words as an article to all and especially to me..

    With Regards
    Rahul (Tuna)

  22. Solomon D.Rreuben says:

    I have great ambition and yet still maintaining that sentiment of studying Guardian and Counselling at higher level. I have read several items concerning this course but it really doesn’t satisfy my ambition. Could you with due respect, please specify that for me and its areas of operations.

    • Dear Mr.Solomon,
      The performance of a Guardian in Counselling in higher education depends upon on his educational back ground & exposure and socio-economic status.In my experience, it is more practical and case specific; rather than theoretical course.

  23. Jitendriya Badhei says:

    Can u please explain about gurukula system where everything is taught. Is it useful for the society.

  24. Arbind Seth says:

    wonderful reflection by a father and philosopher. i really appreciate your pain and effort in bringing up your children. when we hadn’t heard about IITs and MSc,your children were already in to that.your 3 principles….really praise worthy.this is really very inspiring for me because my whole career was interfered by my so called well wishers and on i am in no man’s land.the most significant part of your parenting is non-interference in your children’s choice rather encouraging them to go higher and higher.

    tonz of good wishes for you

  25. Lotus Panda says:

    The best part of your journey is being a doctor you didn’t force your children to become a doctor and you must had given time apart from busy schedule of medical profession. But Sir,hats off to madam that she has made your children much successful.

  26. Bhagaban Bhuyan says:

    It’s quite interesting.
    Sir,hats off to your family that has made such successful efforts.

  27. I was felicitated and honoured as Chief Convener & Founder Member, Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat Dist. Bargarh (Estt. July 2, 1984 ) in a special function organized by Principal, Staff & Students on October 30, 2014 during my visit to Bargarh district in my recent Odisha trip.While describing the history of establishment of Gaisilat college after felicitation, I told that “When I was working as Assistant Surgeon, Govt.Hospital Gaisilat Dist.Sambalpur (now Bargarh) Orissa in my home village Gaisilat, on August 31, 1983 a general public meeting was held at Govt.High School, Gaisilat to establish the proposed Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat. It was convened by a group of 12 persons of Gaisilat Block and I was the Chief Convener. Donations from public were raised to have a fixed deposit of Rupees One Lakh in the name of proposed college to apply for opening the college. Being the Chief Convener of proposed Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat, I was the first person to donate Rupees One Thousand only (equivalent to my one month`s income) to raise the fund. Besides my routine duty hours and emergency services, I had to proceed with other members of the Convening Committee to conduct public meeting at different villages and panchayats to raise fund for opening the college by next academic session. The Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat was established on July 2, 1984 with +2 Arts stream in the temporary campus of R.R.M.E.School Gaisilat.I was made Chairman, Academic Council of the Governing Body of the college. I continued to devote my time beyond my duty hours for smooth and efficient management of the college till I left Gaisilat on March 22, 1986 for prosecuting my Post Graduate study leading to M.D. as an in-service doctor. While visiting P.S.College Gaisilat on November 28, 2007 during my inspection of Govt.Hospital Gaisilat as Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh, I was happy to note that the Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat had grown up to a Degree college having science stream in +2 course in addition to arts stream up to graduation and the college is functioning in its own building & campus”.

  28. Tankadhar Padhan says:

    Respected Sir,

    I with my all staffs read your article published in yoganspirituality in our school lab.We really appreciate your pain and effort as a counselor and guardian. We hope all parents should learn from you.Thank u sir for this article.

    Tankadhar Padhan
    Head Master
    UG High School Lebidi,Sohela Dist. Bargarh

  29. सर् ,शिबानी, देबाशिष ओर गायत्री अपनी सही मुकाम हासिल करने में कामयाब हो गये, यह मेरेलिए बेहद खुशी की बात है ाउनके जैसे अब्बल दर्जे के बिद्यार्थ अक्सर अपनी मुकाम पा लेते हैं ाआपने भी उन्हें हर मुनासिब सुबिधाएँ उपलब्ध करबाया, तथा उनको अपनी राह खुद चुनने को प्रेरित किया ा इससे उनका आत्मबिश्बाष ओर भी बढगया और वे सफल हो गये ा उनको मेरी शुभकामनाएँ तथा आप दोनों को मेरा नमस्कार ा आपसे निबेदन है की बिच बिच में जानकारी देने की कृपा किजीएगा ा

  30. Dhandapani Muthuswamy says:

    After studying your articles on yoga and spirituality and performance on your career doubts arises in me whether I am fit for commenting your articles based on such an amazing career. So no comments on your article in future except like.

  31. Purnima Panda says:

    Pranam kaka,

    My warm regards to you.I am glad to read your blog.You played a vital role, a source of inspiration for your children education. It inspired me a lot for my future.

  32. Tribute to Late Bharat Ratna Former President of Republic of India Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam on his Birth Anniversary. I had the privilege to see & listen to him as Chief Guest during 3rd Convocation of IIT Guwahati when he was Principal Scientific Adviser to Prime Minister of India before he became President of India while attending graduation ceremony of my son on May 25, 2001.

    Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

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