Lifetime Achievement in Social Service

Charity begins at home. I have experienced this in my life when I was working as Assistant Surgeon, Govt.Hospital Gaisilat Dist.Sambalpur (now Bargarh) Orissa in my home village Gaisilat. On August 31, 1983 a general public meeting was held at Govt.High School, Gaisilat to establish the proposed Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat. It was convened by a group of 12 persons of Gaisilat Block and I was the Chief Convener. It may be mentioned here that I was the only M.B.B.S. doctor to manage the 6 bedded hospital at Gaisilat. I had to deal with family members, relatives, friends, officials and public both in medical care and social service. Being a Medical Officer of local Hospital having widespread public liaison and a Native of the village, I was nominated as the Chief Convener to execute the proposal successfully. The nearest college at Sub- Divisional Hqrs.Padampur was situated at a distance of 28 K.M.not well communicated then by road. The people of Gaisilat Block felt the need of establishing a college at Gaisilat to facilitate higher education of their children nearest to their home at a nominal cost. Donations from public were raised to have a fixed deposit of Rupees One Lakh in the name of proposed college to apply for opening the college. Being the Chief Convener of proposed Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat, I was the first person to donate Rupees One Thousand only (equivalent to my one month`s income) to raise the fund. Besides my routine duty hours and emergency services, I had to proceed with other members of the Convening Committee to conduct public meeting at different villages and panchayats to raise fund for opening the college by next academic session .The Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat was established on July 2, 1984 with +2 Arts stream in the temporary campus of R.R.M.E.School Gaisilat.I was made Chairman, Academic Council of the Governing Body of the college. The recruitment of lecturers and office staff was done strictly on merit basis. I continued to devote my time beyond my duty hours for smooth and efficient management of the college till I left Gaisilat on March 22, 1986 for prosecuting my Post Graduate study leading to M.D. as an in-service doctor. I last visited P.S.College Gaisilat on November 28, 2007 during my inspection of Govt.Hospital Gaisilat as Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh.I was happy to note that the Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat has grown up to a Degree college having science stream in +2 course in addition to arts stream up to graduation and the college is functioning in its own building & campus.
Anchal College Padampur is a full-fledged degree college having +2 science and B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) Pass & Honours course in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology. During 1997-98 while I was working as In-Charge Sub-Divisional Medical Officer Padampur Dist.Bargarh, I was invited as Chief Speaker on Annual function of Science Society of the College. I talked on ‘Drug addiction among College Students’ with reference to my publication “Epidemiology of Non-medical Drug Use among College Students in the Educational Institutions located at Burla: Sambalpur (Orissa)” which was my thesis for S.P.M. Again during 2004-05 when I was working as Sub-Divisional Medical Officer Padampur, I was invited as Chief Speaker on Annual function of Science Society of the College; and on this occasion I talked on ‘Building Career in Science & Technology’. Major portion of revenue Sub-Division of Padampur in Bargarh District was previously known as Borasambar and as such the post office of Padampur is named as Rajborasambar. I had the privilege to attend the 2nd day of Borasambar Mahotsav as Chief Guest held at Recreation Centre Padampur in 2003-04 during my service tenure as Sub-Divisional Medical Officer Padampur. I enjoyed the status of a public speaker amongst the educated mass at Padampur.
Dhanuyatra is an open air theatre festival held in Bargarh in Orissa and is based on Lord Krishna’s visit to Mathura to witness the fair organized by uncle Kansa as mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana. Every year in the month of Dhanu or Pausa (December-January), it is celebrated for eleven days of the month from the 5th day of the bright fortnight till the full moon day. For this occasion the town of Bargarh becomes the city of Mathura, the river Jeera becomes the river Yamuna and Ambapali situated on the other side of Jeera becomes Gopapur. The plays are enacted in houses, streets, market places, fields, temples, ponds and river. This mass festival, which came into existence in 1948 with the inertia of festive mood due to celebration of Indian Independence and victory over unjust British rule, symbolically shows the victory of Lord Krishna, the embodiment of truth, justice and righteousness over Kansa who personifies arrogance and wickedness. This festival has earned its fame in the World as much due to the separate stages in different places along with movable stage used to show the mythological story as also due to the special involvement of the entire populace in the process. Therefore, this festival is called the greatest play in the world enacted in the biggest open air theatre. One day during the festival, all the District level officers of different departments are asked to attend Rangasabha (review meeting) conducted by Kansa Maharaj convened by the Collector-cum-President of Dhanuyatra Mahotsav Committee Bargarh. I had attended the Rangasabha; first time as Additional District Medical Officer Bargarh in 2005-06 and second time as Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh in 2007-08.I played the role of a guest artiste. I would like to mention here that I have acted in supporting roles in two one-act plays during my school days, acted in character roles in two dramas in college and directed one drama during my service career. I had to answer and explain health care services of the citizens of Mathura as asked by Kansa Maharaj on the stage with out previous rehearsal. The play was watched by thousands of audience in Bargarh and lakhs of audience in live telecast of ETV Oriya in Orissa and abroad. My role-playing had been appreciated much by the audience on both occasions.
I was bestowed with State Honour by Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine, Orissa State Branch as an efficient heath care provider, manager and administrator as a lifetime achievement in State Medical and Health Services on January 12, 2008 while I was working as Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh.
Now residing in Bangalore in the State of Karnataka, I identify myself with my Nationality as an Indian; and I am spreading the message of Yoga and Spirituality as social service to the country; and through World Wide Web to the World.
Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda


About drmcpanda

Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda Date of Birth:29.02.1948 Qualification:M.B.B.S.,M.D. Retd. (29.02.2008) Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh Orissa India
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54 Responses to Lifetime Achievement in Social Service

  1. drmcpanda says:

    The article Lifetime Achievement in Social Service is the 25th article of my own blog site

    Now the content of the blog has 25 posts and a page About: The Author.
    In the discussion, till now 110 comments have been posted; which include author`s comments and comments posted by 20 comment authors.
    I thank all the comment authors of my blog for posting their responses in different articles and about the author.

    On reaching the mile stone of quarter century publication, I thank all the esteemed readers and viewers of the blog for excellent statistics in viewership of Yoga and Spirituality.

  2. Vinod Varma says:

    A commendable life indeed; and a rare role model to follow.

    In ‘modern’ life, everyone is in mad rush after success, riches and happiness.

    A lesson that one learns pretty early in life; is that we need to do the right thing and results will follow. For instance, while learning to ride a bicycle; one is tempted to watch the pedal,but that trips and he falls down. Then, we realize that all we need to do; is to keep pedaling and you reach your destination easily.

    However, this simple lesson is easily forgotten as we grow up; while truth about life remains: goals (Purushaardhaas: Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha) are results of the right action . We just need to do the right thing with the right intent and we would reach our goals naturally and easily.

    No wonder it is said:
    Kriyaavidhijnam Vyasaneshwasaktham
    Sooram Kruthajnam Drudasouhrudam cha
    Laksmeeh Swayam Yaathi Nivaasahethoh

    Success, progress and prosperity comes automatically to those who i) are passionate, ii) knows what to do when, iii) does what need to be done, on time, iv) are devoid of vices, etc.

  3. It is really a commendable job.

    To be able achieve confidence of the public, to be nominated as Chief Convener as an in service doctor is really great.

    Most of the officers in our area are corrupt and viewed by public as such.

    Acting on stage, too requires lot of talent and presence of mind.

    All these are really great & your life is real example of public service.

    I attended convocation of AIIMS today and had an opportunity to listen to Sh. Manmohan Singh. I am a great admirer of him and find him as a real example of service above self like you.

    Well done and written.

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  5. M.K.Panda Principal I/C P.S.College Gaisilat says:

    I am very happy going through your article Lifetime Achievement in Social Service. Your effort to establish a college at Gaisilat in 1984 with the help of other 12 persons and people of locality is praiseworthy.Educational backwardness of girls and wards of families belonging to all castes and community in the area up to degree level college education has improved.I pray for your happy prosperous social life.

  6. V.Nageswara Rao says:

    Dear Sir,
    Namaskar & Juhar.

    The Article Lifetime Achievement in Social Service is definitely very good example for anybody who has really having positive attitude and will power to do something for the betterment and development of the community and not just for himself and his or her own family.

    The establishment and improvement of Gaisilat College as Chief Convener and Chairman of Academic Council is really your Lifetime Achievement.

    The people of the area, mainly the students who have successfully completed their studies either +2 or +3 or both from the same college and who are continuing the studies in the college and their parents, the Principal, Lecturers, Team members of the college and local people won’t forget you life long.

    Equally sharing of your experience as a Chief Speaker in Padampur College Function is also learningful.

    During my 7 Years of Service at Bargarh District Head Quarters and the different parts of the District; in addition to performing my duties, I have enjoyed a lot the festival Dhanuyatra at District level and also at different Blocks.I have also got an opportunity to speak few words at Dhanuyatra Ranga Mancha, Bargarh in the year 2004 and 2005 about the disease LEPROSY and its burden in Bargarh District and the need of people’s participation to eliminate the disease from the area.I have also made the people awared about basic facts about the Disease and the available Diagnosis, Treatment and Management facilities including the Disability Prevention and Medical Rehabilitation through oral speech as well as Local Specific Drama with Dance ( Sambalpuri).As you know,during the period of your service; Bargarh was the high prevalent District for LEPROSY in the Country as well as Globe.

    The Actors; who played the role of Kansamaharaj, His Ministers, Soldiers with Elephants and Camels visited our Office 3 years continuously from 2005 to 2007. But I did not know the details of the Dhanuyatra, which you have mentioned very clearly about the importance of the Festival and its History.

    It’s your greatness that you have a very good memory power of everything of your life both personal and professional life and to mention it very clearly is nothing but your aptitude in writing and documentation skills and its also GOD ‘s Gift.

    Bird Says, Don`t See Me;
    Flower Says, Don`t Touch Me;
    Tree Says, Don`t Cut Me;
    Animal Says, Don`t Shoot Me;
    Nageswar Says, Don`t stop article writing and make it continue for ever.

    With Regards,
    V.Nageswara Rao,
    Zonal Co-ordiantor, LEPRA India
    Axshya India GF TB Project Odisha

  7. Nice posting.
    You are cordially invited to participate in the celebration on the occasion of Dhanuyatra at Bargarh.
    Om Sai Ram
    Gyana Ranjan Mohanty

  8. V.Nageswara Rao says:

    Respected Madan Goyalji,
    Thank You for posting your doubt.
    The Birds don’t want to see them anybody because they don’t want to be disturbed from their Peaceful Life.
    With Regards,
    V.Nageswara Rao

    Dear Gyana Ranjan Babu,
    Thank You for your invitation to Dhanuyatra and Sorry for not able to make it this year as during the period I will be at New Delhi to participate in a Training from 15th to 24th January 2011.
    Thanking You,
    With Regards,
    V.Nageswara Rao

  9. Dear Gyana Ranjan,
    Thank you for your invitation to attend Dhanuyatra at Bargarh in January 2011.
    As I had my recent trip to Orissa in December 2010,it is not feasible on my part to visit Bargarh at a such short interval travelling a long distance from Bangalore.
    I wish this year celebration of Dhanuyatra from January 9 to 19 , 2011 at Bargarh a grand success.

  10. Rajesh Kumar Panda says:

    Respected Dear Kaka,
    We read your article and felt very much happy to note that one of our family members has contributed something extra-ordinary for the social upliftment of the people of our native village Gaisilat.
    We feel very proud of it.
    Thank u,
    With regards to Kakima and blessings to youngers.

  11. drmcpanda says:

    The article Lifetime Achievement in Social Service reflects Self-realisation and Self-analysis of Karma, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga in Yoga and Spirituality.

  12. It is a great pleasure to inform readers and viewers that my article Lifetime Achievement in Social Service describing my participation in Dhanuyatra Bargarh has been published in the website of Bargarh Dhanujatra.

  13. Chandra Kumar Panda says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks n cöngrats fr this.
    We were very much happy to view your article Lifetime Achievement in Social Service published in the website of Bargarh Dhanujatra alongwith photograph of Bargarh Dhanuyatra Mahotsav 2011.
    Yours Sincerely
    Chandra Kumar Panda
    Bargarh Odisha

  14. Prof.Bhisma Kumar Patel says:

    Dear Panda Sir,
    Really doing a commendable job.
    Inspite of my hectic schedule I went through your article with great interest.
    You have been a role model for all of us.
    Keep up the good job.

    With best regards,
    Prof. Bhisma Kumar Patel
    Department of Chemistry
    Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

  15. Dear Sir,
    Juhaar…… It’s really great to go through the above.

    Luckily I had witnessed that Rangsabhaa you are talking about live in Bargarh.

    Nice to have you as FB friend.

    Thanks a lot sir…and salute to your spirit.

  16. Santanu Biswal says:

    Thanks Sir to get me aware of your life sketch about social work in a job like doctor.I knew you as doctor as professional worker for public with government assignment; beside that you have done work praise-worthy for common public, in educational and cultural fields as well as for good spiritual life in total.

    May Maa Samlai ashirbad you in this noble mission…
    Santanu Biswal

  17. Satchidananda Padhan says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are in this position because of our society..We have to refund something as we can…

  18. Satyajit Panda says:

    Respected Dear Dadu,
    When I read your article I felt very exciting that you have established the P.S.College Gaisilat.
    Yours Loving,
    Sanu and Sani.

  19. Kasinath Sahu says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am a defence rtd. person and doing social work in the block of Astaranga in the Dist. of Puri gone through your life time achievement and very much aspired to continue the social work. I will try to go through the website bargarh dhanujatra and let you know.

  20. Respected sir, glad to know your participation in spreading education in a backward place like Gaisilat…
    Editor,Janamukha Daily Sambalpur.

  21. Deepak Sahu,Computer Programmer, Blood Bank S.D.H. Padampur says:

    Social work is a professional and academic discipline that seeks to improve the quality of life and well being of an individual.

    Dear Sir,

    You are such an eminent person for Gaisilat, Padampur as well as for Bargarh that in Padampur in your honour an eminent road is named as ‘Dr Mahesh Panda gali’.

    Area surrounding Dr Mahesh Chandra Panda`s own house ‘Sailashree’ ( now leased to a noble family as residential accommodation consequent upon his residing in Bangalore after retirement ) in Shanti Nagar, Bheunria Road in N.A.C. Padampur Dist. Bargarh Odisha has been named as Dr Mahesh Panda`s gali.

    Sir, we are proud of you.

  22. I wish celebration of Bargarh Dhanuyatra from January 17, 2013 to January 27, 2013 a grand success.

  23. Prakash Padhan says:

    At first wish you Happy Dhanuyatra. Much happy to know that you had been invited by Maharaj Kansha in his Darbar who recognised your commendable work. I enjoyed this spectacular open festival 2 years in Bargarh. I was watching it in every evening eagerly. Today I opened otv desperately but no telecasting, no news so sad; but any how happy to read your article.

    Prakash Padhan
    UNICEF Consultant
    Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

  24. A man like you is called a liberated soul, who looks entire earth as his family. When we reach the stage of ‘atmawat sarvabhuteshu’ we see our image in every individual; so his pain, his sufferings appears to us as ours and we become bound to do service without expecting any thing in return. I wish a healthy and long life for you.

  25. The Article Lifetime Achievement in Social Service is definitely very good example for anybody who has really having positive attitude and will power to do something for the betterment and development of the community and not just for himself and his or her own family.

  26. Sunil Kumar Purohit says:

    I’m very happy going through your article about your dedication towards health care& social work. We miss you sir. Here no one is showing interest in those activities now-a-days.

    Sunil Kumar Purohit
    Gaisilat,Dist Bargarh Odisha

  27. We (I & my wife Sailasuta) have arrived in New York, U.S.A. on July 30, 2013 on Visitors` Visa & scheduled to stay here for the months of August and September 2013 with our second daughter Gayatri & son-in-law Saikrishna (on Working Visa status), grandson Arnav & granddaughter Maulika residing in this place.I have the strong notion that Yoga and Spirituality of Indian origin have become increasingly popular in U.S.A. basing on country wise blog stat of my blog Yoga and Spirituality for United States. Now, I will get the scope of physical assessment related to Yoga Practice and Sai Spirituality in U.S. during my stay here for two months.

    I will continue to publish my new posts in the blog website of Yoga and Spirituality for the months of August and September 2013 during my stay in New York based on my knowledge gained in involvement of different activities & visiting new places. Simultaneously I will be updating concurrent posts with photos of my visit during my stay in New York, U.S.A. in Facebook for awareness of my friends, relatives & public of India through social networking.

    You may view my Concurrent Posts & Photos published from New York, USA in my Timeline of Facebook.

    • We left New York, USA by flight on October 1, 2013 and arrived Bangalore, India on October 2, 2013 where we are staying with our son Debashish and our first daughter Shibani, son-in-law Sunil & our granddaughter Snigdha after my retirement from Orissa State Govt Service.

      You may read my article & responses on Visit Note as Tourist to USA published on October 3, 2013 in Yoga and Spirituality.

  28. Yoga having immense benefits of physical and mental health is very essential for human beings especially in late stage of life when almost all face health problems. So your strategy and drive for this noble action is really praiseworthy. I appreciate your post retirement thought and activities sincerely. Your valuable suggestions are welcome always. Thanks for your contribution to the society as a senior citizen. All the best !

  29. I was felicitated and honoured as Chief Convener & Founder Member, Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat Dist Bargarh in a special function organized by Principal, Staff & Students on October 30, 2014 in College Hall of Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat during my visit to Bargarh district in my Odisha trip.

    I am a native of village Gaisilat Dist. Bargarh Odisha. Our ancestral house is used as Dharmashala shelter free of charge or rent by a poor family.

    Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat Dist. Bargarh Odisha was established on July 2, 1984. I had the privilege as Chief Convener & Founder Member Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat in establishing the college as Lifetime Achievement in Social Service.

  30. I wish celebration of Bargarh Dhanuyatra from December 26, 2014 to January 5, 2015 a grand success.

  31. I have the pleasure to inform the readers and viewers that my message relating to my efforts to establish Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat in my native village Gaisilat in 1984 has been published in College Magazine ‘Madhukshyara’ released on event of College Annual Function held on January 31, 2015 at Gaisilat Dist. Bargarh Odisha.

    • Sir,

      Congratulation for your message published in College Magazine ‘Madhukshyara’ of Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat on the event of the College Annual Function held on January 31, 2015 at Gaisilat Dist.Bargarh Odisha. The college honoured you as the founder convener in this respect. Sir, I am very much glad after reading your message.

      Kedarnath Sahu
      Sohela,Bargarh Odisha

  32. Madhusudan Mahunta says:


    I am glad to know that your message has been published in the Gaisilat college magazine Madhukshyara. It is glad to learn that the college remembers you after a great gap. The college honoured your dedication.

    Madhusudan Mahunta
    Sohela,Bargarh Odisha

    • Thanks Mr Kedarnath Sahu & Madhusudan Mahunta for reading my message relating to my efforts to establish Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat in my native village Gaisilat in 1984 published in College Magazine ‘Madhukshyara’ released on event of College Annual Function held on January 31, 2015 at Gaisilat Dist. Bargarh Odisha and posting your comments of high appreciation for the noble cause.

  33. Best Wishes to Principal, Staff & Students of Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat Dist. Bargarh Odisha on 32nd Foundation Day of College. Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat was founded on July 2, 1984.

    Dr Mahesh Chandra Panda
    Chief Convener &
    Founder Member
    Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat

  34. Dhandapani Muthuswamy says:

    Your commendable service to society is awesome. Super ji.

  35. Dr Mahesh Chandra Panda, M.B.B.S.,M.D.
    Sub-Divisional Medical Officer Padampur P.O. Rajborasambar Dist. Bargarh
    February 1. 2003 to April 2, 2005

    People’s Doctor, Budasambar Pride 🙂

    Prakash Meher
    Padampur P.O.Rajborasambar Dist.Bargarh

  36. Purnima Panda says:

    Pranam kaka,

    I am happy to read your article.You are a man of multi talent. Your achievement in social service is really admirable.We are proud to have a person like you.

  37. Odisha Diary-Last Visit 2 Years back in Bargarh district-This day on October 30, 2014 I was felicitated and honoured as Chief Convener & Founder Member, Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat Dist. Bargarh (Est. July 2, 1984) in a special function organized by Principal, Staff & Students in College Hall.

    Felicitation at Panchayat Samiti College Gaisilat

  38. Bargarh Dhanuyatra

    I wish celebration of Bargarh Dhanuyatra from January 2, 2017 to January 12, 2017 a grand success.

    • Photo Album of Bargarh Dhanuyatra Mahotsav 2017 started from January 2, 2017 continued for 11 days up to January 12, 2017 ended with death of arrogant Kansa. I have shared the photo uploaded in World Wide Web of Facebook by local media and viewers Pradip Mohanty Kuna, Bijayakumar Mishra, Debajani Mahapatra and Pusparani Bhoi from Bargarh Odisha in my Timeline, Bargarh & Budasambar groups for public view as admin stationed at Bangalore during the festival. Thanks to the artists, management, media and above all spectators for Grand Success of 68th of Bargarh Dhanuyatra Mahotsav 2017. You may view Photo Album of Bargarh Dhanuyatra Mahotsav 2017 in Facebook.

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