Universal Prayer in Yoga and Spirituality

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah.

Sarve santu niramaya.

Sarve bhadrani pashyantu.

Ma kashid dukha bhag bhavet.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

May all be happy. May all be free from disease. May all realise what is good. May none be subject to misery. May peace prevail everywhere.

This universal prayer is chanted before or after Yoga known as Shanti Mantra. This verse is also often quoted by spiritual seekers and chanted in Spirituality.

If we earnestly think good of all, of course we will mostly like to do good to others. But what is more important and practical is that by thinking good of others, one grows in one`s generosity and inclusiveness. The easiest way to make ourselves healthy is to see that others are healthy and the easiest way to make ourselves happy is to see that others are happy. Seeking good of others is essential to spiritual living.

Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda


About drmcpanda

Dr. Mahesh Chandra Panda, M.B.B.S.,M.D. Date of Birth:29.02.1948 Retd. (29.02.2008) Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh Orissa India
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21 Responses to Universal Prayer in Yoga and Spirituality

  1. Dear Panda Sir,
    Wish you a very Happy New Year, 2011.
    A refreshingly fresh post in the New Year, which will definitely stumble everyone; that, one will think at least once about the greatness of our cultural ethics, traditions etc.
    This kind of article may open our eyes to visualise the truth in the path we are following the western culture blindly.
    From my childhood I used to pray the Almighty by saying:
    Sarve bhavantu sukhinah.
    Sarve santu niramaya.
    Sarve bhadrani pashyantu.
    Ma kashid dukha bhag bhavet.
    Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
    It has been taught by my parents as well as by my school teachers.
    It had been included in the school prayer also.
    As a human being if I ask something for me, myself, for my family etc.; it’s commonly intended towards selfishness.
    If we pray for all creatures in the universe, which will definitely do well to others along with us ‘cuz, we are also a part of that.
    It has also an impact on our mind which restricts the nature of narrow thinking.
    By such prayer we will think worldwide in a broader view & which will of course get a positive impact on society.
    We ought to follow this time and again for the betterment of ourselves.
    Om Sai Ram

  2. These are the sentences commonly pronounced in worships done by Pandits in this part of the country (North India).

    All worships, religious ceremonies, post mortality gatherings end with these sentences.

    Though I knew broadly the meaning of these sentences, but part of the information was missing.

    These sentences set the right suggestions to us and people in general to follow a path of universal peace, calmness in mind and health.

    I fully endorse the words and motive of adopting these sentences as part of Yoga practice.

    A brain at peace is in best capacity to take care of body and society in general, health, actions and drive of the person.

    There can’t be a better statement for the objectives of living beings.

    Motive of service above self, for over all good, health and peace are the real targets.

    Wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

  3. Vinod Varma says:

    As we bid farewell to 2010 and move into a bright new dream world of hope, we find a rare manifestation of bonhomie of celebration.

    Yet beneath lurks intense competitive pressures of dog-eating-dog world.It is important to sustain the spirit of universal brotherhood into our daily life for lasting prosperity, joy, peace and harmony for everyone.

    Hence, invocation here by well-learnt and experienced person like Dr. Panda is very timely and commendable; the invocation to rekindle the human values that Indian culture and heritage has always stood for; the spirit of universal brotherhood and progress of mankind as a whole and peace and harmony in every nation, every house and every heart.

    I wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year 2011!

  4. Satya says:

    Namaste Doctor,

    A very happy new year to you and all the readers of the blog.

    Would like to share something about mantras as its one of my favourite subjects and as you know we enjoy this the most in all our yoga sessions which goes in flow right from start till end with mantras.

    Mantra chanting or japa help in cleaning the subconscious and unconscious level of mind, releasing us from deep imprinted past experiences.

    Mahamrityunjaya Mantra restores the health at all levels;

    Gayatri Mantra sharpens the intellect;

    Names of Durga remove the obstacles from one’s life;

    All the shanti Mantras from Upanishads invoke shanti, peace, a broader sense of goodwill in us.

    OM, the primordial sound of the universe, is the shortest and most powerful of all the mantras.

    In practices like MSRT – One learns OM in its form of A-U-M both Ahata and Anahata.

    Thus mantras can be individual or personal chanted according to one’s need.

    Sarve bhavantu Sukhinah is a universal mantra and can be practiced by all without direct guidance.

    Hari OM,


  5. Susanta Kumar Panigrahi says:

    Sarve vabantnu……….. It is said in that above mentioned vedic prayer ,”Every one must be happy and healthy.”
    The word every one does not mean only SANATAN DHARMI;
    but human beings ,trees, animals etc. and all the creations of God.
    It is not said in that prayer that only HINDU will be happy and healthy.
    But in case of other worship systems , I think they have best wishes and pray for prosperity only for their own community.
    Those worship systems are dependent on a single God,
    single religious book and one prophet.
    But SANATAN DHARMA is completly unique in this respect .
    Thus, This gigantic idea(Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) is an exclusively Indian contribution to World peace.
    Thousand of preachers from Gautam Budhha to Swami Ramdev have laid emphasis upon the inner-directed pursuit of universal values.
    Thus I am truly grateful and proud of being Hindu.
    OM Shanti.

  6. Respected Panda sir,

    I like your clarification on “Sarve bhabantu…Shanti, Shanti”.
    I think this article should not be read only; but one has to obey the high level of “Mantra” that taught by Almighty.
    Some persons think that, what we are doing; that has been pre-arranged by Almighty and according to that point, I have wrote a little line as “Things are the creation of God & pre-arranged; and we r just following them”.

    It’s retrieved from your post that, the Almighty had an idea to present a beautiful World with some particular creations; but that’s always under construction as because we are not helping Him. But we all can help to re-build that again by following-up His directions by changing our self through our good aptitude, honesty and dedicated mentality.

    Thank you for your movement to spread spiritualism.
    Waiting for your future guidance.
    Om Sri Sainathaaya Namah

    Gyana Ranjan Mohanty, Black Belt 6th Dan Japan
    Founder-Creator: The World Ashi-Te-Do Federation

  7. Er Achyutananda Rath says:

    Thanks Mahesh :
    Co-relating selfless & broadminded thoughts and wishes
    (found in SHANTI MANTRA) to the wellbeing of one & all both physically and spiritually is praiseworthy.
    In return one is rewarded with own wellbeing & above all peace of mind.
    Carry on

  8. Prakash Padhan says:

    Respected Sir,
    First of all, in this dawn of happy new year 2011; wish you a happy healthy and long life .

    In one of the comments it is mentioned vedic prayer is being chanted by school students.I have also such experience during my school days.But later on we don’t do this unfortunately.

    India is a country of “Rishi” & “Krishi”with the concept of ‘Vasudhaiba kutumbakam’.
    Let all be happy,all be healthy,let all see good…

    Your all articles are very good and reminder for us to be good and to go in right path.
    Thanking you with high regards.

  9. Chandra Kumar Panda says:

    Enchanted by reading the Mantra “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah” from your recent publication.
    Sir,one thing I think that every one is born with his own destiny in the mortal world.
    We the layman do not grasp the intrinsic mystery of the mysterior;the Almighty.
    Your article in the line is guiding to all of us in the right path.
    As human beings, we should always follow the principle of “live & let live” i.e. with all happiness and in a good state of mind & body.
    Your article will definitely guide millions of people to follow this principle.
    Yours Sincerely
    Chandra Kumar Panda


    Happy New Year 2011.
    I wish your bright future in writting articles on YOGA AND SPIRITUALITY.
    Your articles will help to guide and enlighten the present as well as the future generation.
    Your Disciple

  11. Poonam Meher says:

    Dear Uncle,
    Wishing you & your family a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2011.
    I always chant this Shanti Mantra at the time of prayer.
    Thanks to suggest everyone to do this.

  12. short poems says:

    Great post.
    Universal Prayer in Yoga and Spirituality.
    Best wishes for 2011!

  13. Jivane yavadadanam syat pradanam tato’dhikam,
    Ityesa prarthana’smakam Bhagavan paripuryatam.

    Our prayer to Thee O Lord, give us the strength that we give more to the society than what we receive.

  14. Asato ma sadgamaya, tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya
    Mrtyorma amrtamgamaya. Om santih, santih, santih.

    Let us move from unreality to reality, darkness to light, death to immortality.

  15. Dr.Binod Bihari Naik says:

    Respected Sir,

    The topic ‘Universal Prayer in Yoga and Spirituality’ that I understood means, by connotation of soothing and appeasing word like AUM or Stanza like as you have quoted, is emanated steadily and regularly or burst out suddenly or instantly from the deepest core of the heart of one or group as in chorus; that impulses ascend to melt the mind and surcharge the surface of soul to invite or welcome God’s presence within. As such one or chorus being indulged in prayer remain free or away from six enemies like KAMA, KRODHA, LOVA, MOHA, MADA and MASTARYA, and adhered to SATYA, DHARMA, SHANTI, PREMA and AHINSHA.Imagine what short of potent weapon the prayer is! Aha on application, GOD pretend to be powerless before devotee to please him and bonded to discharge novel activities lacking on the way of divine creation. Hence simply see good, hear good, think good, smell good, talk good & at last but not the least pray GOD for more good.

    So in the hustle & bustle of modern era let us modify the prayer in my dictum as:
    Oh man! Do prayer of your own method, own language, own religious doctrine where ever you are either in position or disposition. Never forget prayer is the food for mental faculties (Monomaya Kosha) to feed and keep the healthy heart in its full bloom & let blissfulness of life last long…

    Om Shanti
    Thanking You,
    Your Divine Brother
    Dr.Binod Bihari Naik
    Sr.Surgery Specialist
    Bargarh Odisha

  16. Sarweshwar Guru says:

    Universal Prayer makes us real devotee of God and takes us nearer to Him.

  17. Dorel Vargas Hernandez says:

    I am interested in more posts on Prayer in Yoga and Spirituality.

  18. Ellen Finan says:

    A prayer can go where I can’t go. Through Prayers I can be with you without being there. I may be miles away but my prayers will always be with you.

    Maj. Gen. Ellen Finan
    US Army

  19. Purnima Panda says:

    Pranam kaka,

    The mantra which is known as universal prayer has a deep meaning. This shanti mantra is not meant for a single person, a family or religion but it is the blessing for all religions of caste and creed. The word “sarve” means the whole world nature, creature, living things.

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