Activities and Interests in Life as a Senior Citizen

Now-a-days people retire from their work and not life. Gone are the days when retirement from job or service meant retirement from life and looking at the remaining years as the fag ends that just needed to be lived without any zeal and zest. It has turned the other way round. Simply put, starting life anew in the world to live the present life. There is option to lead the rest of their life alone, in a nuclear family or as an elderly member of a joint family. One may join N.G.O. or other social activist circle in voluntary or honorary service. One can continue in his own profession, in private sector where there is no age bar or in public sector where the age bar is extended up to sixty-five years in certain services on regular basis or contractual engagement. Alternatively, having retired from job or service after the age of 60 years with adequate financial security and the primary responsibilities of getting children educated & making them self-sufficient duly accomplished ; one can develop innovative life-style as a Senior Citizen.

Living in the past memories alone is to stay inactive. In order to stay active, one must find new interests; create within him a love for life; must not be content to simply watch life move on; rather he must be willing to take part in it. Anyone of us can stir up a new spirit of interest and enthusiasm within. If one starts to think of himself as being too old to make a new start, this is merely an excuse. One may take up a hobby, call up old friends or relatives, start writing a blog or journal, learn a new art or technology, lead a spiritual life or involve oneself in all other activities one wanted to do, but could not do due to a genuine lack of time before retirement.

Three years back, I retired from the post of Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh Orissa on attaining the age of superannuation i.e. 60 years of age on February 29, 2008. After retirement, I and my wife preferred to stay in a joint family with our offspring than to stay as a nuclear family at our native place in our old age for better physical, mental and emotional support in a joint family set up. After residing in Gurgaon Haryana (N.C.R. Delhi) for about one year, we relocated to Bangalore Karnataka where we are residing  at present.

In my post retirement life, I sought for new life style. I was attracted towards Spiritual philosophy of Sadguru Sai Baba in my mental, emotional and intellectual planes; and I became a Shirdi Sai devotee on October 14, 2008. I resorted to Yoga practices to maintain my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health; and I became a Yoga practitioner since July 28, 2009. I desired to express and share my thoughts on Yoga and Spirituality in writing independently as an Author; and I created my own blog Yoga and Spirituality on May 2, 2010. I developed the hobby and habit to read articles published in journals, magazines and blogs in internet; read and analyse scriptures and texts on Yoga and Spirituality for acquiring knowledge and skill; and communicating to like-minded people in writing articles based on my knowledge and experience. Moreover, I had to acquire the knowledge and skill of information technology at the age of sixty plus for drafting, editing and publishing an article as an author of a blog. Almost all my old friends & colleagues with whom I had worked during my service period and tech-savvy cousins & relatives have become  readers of my blog and some of them are actively taking part in discussion of different articles posted in the blog from time to time as comment authors. Moreover I have been able to create a new circle of friends by personal contact as a Yoga practitioner and as a Shirdi Sai devotee as well as through social networking in form of readers, viewers and comment authors of my blog Yoga and Spirituality. I have made it a hobby to call and give message to my friends both old & new over phone and communicating with them by mails at casual intervals. I enjoy visiting my relatives` house and get-togetherness of my old friends and colleagues during my vacation trip to Orissa.

Through expression of my past and present experience in my writings and personal interactions, I am able to connect my past with the present and maintaining a continuous flow of life.

Dr. Mahesh Chandra Panda



About drmcpanda

Dr. Mahesh Chandra Panda, M.B.B.S.,M.D. Date of Birth:29.02.1948 Retd. (29.02.2008) Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh Orissa India
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20 Responses to Activities and Interests in Life as a Senior Citizen

  1. Life after retirement should be very enjoyable.

    No one should spend time worrying about finances, but rather do things that they enjoy and now have time to do. I hope to do a lot of travelling.

    This blog genuinely defines how to use technology to connect with old friends, relatives & colleagues virtually. We have been hearing about 2nd life-the virtual life through the use of “web 2.0”; many videogames & Hollywood movies have been introduced on this concept. By this blog you have enlightened us, how to make a good use of it in a good way; cuz there’s also a dark side of it, where most of the youngsters choose the wrong path.

    I do remember the working period as a Block Accountant-cum-Data Assistant under your administration; I am also remembering the photo album, which had been made by taking some of the photographs sorted in a monthly frequency. This was the novel idea of Mr. Niranjan Panda, Ex-District Programme Manager, Bargarh.

    As a Commerce student I had been taught the meaning of Business. The real meaning of business is the state of being busy i.e, “Busy ness”. If someone asks that, What’s your business, that doesn’t mean that we need to be a working guy, it’s the summation of the scheduled activities.

    Retirement is the speed breaker of a rushed life. One should make oneself busy by various activities by visualising yours.

    // Om Sai Ram //

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  3. Vinod Varma says:

    What gets old is body, not mind and soul. Soul does not age, and age of mind is a choice. One can be physically young but drained out in mind or physically old but young in mind. When one is young in mind, it brings out ever new possibilities and therefore, it is important to stay young.

    This article is very timely as people seem to be getting burned out and getting old too soon (diabetes, cardiac and stress related problems on the rise due to problems in lifestyle). As one keeps working with goal on career advancement, eventually ends up in vaccum on retirement. Job is important but human life is more precious to be limited to job alone; much more important and energizing is ‘being of help to others’ (paropakaaraaya idam sareeram). It gives a new dimension, a new direction to life.

    I believe, this article would help many people who are already retired and those who are about to.

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  5. V.Nageswara Rao says:

    Dear Sir,

    Your Recent Article on “Activities and Interests in Life as a Senior Citizen”:I am relating it with your previous article Sadguru Sai Baba, why because the Interests you have and the wise way of spending your valuable time after retirement from official duties is very much praise worthy and the great example to make you as a Sadguru for many people including me.

    I have come across with some Senior Citizens, who are retired from defence services, they have good hobbies like daily morning walk, praying GOD, reading news papers and watching TV and also maintaining discipline with in the family.But, many of them do not know about the value of Yoga and Spirituality and how it can change thier life.

    You are the only person, whom I have seen completely innovative and you have choosen happiest way of spending valuable time as a Senior Citizen with Yoga and Spirituality, through which you are in contact with maximum people with whom you are sharing many things about Yoga and Spirituality and also about some sort of Social Work towards healthy future of human beings.

    Sir, you are the real example amongst many Senior Citizens to create new and innovative interests and atmosphere among them to lead healthiest and peaceful life for ever.

    I pray GOD to keep up your Happiest and Peaceful life for ever through this Yoga and Spirituality and also for the betterment of many more in this society.

    Definitely I will share your Activities and Interests to keep the life healthy with Senior Citizens known to me and who all can follow you to lead a healthy life.

    With Regards,

  6. Prakash Padhan says:

    Rev Sir,
    You are retired,but not tired.

    This article is much philosophical ,particularly first two sentences are impressive for me.

    You have mentioned different job option after retirement.Yes,there is no retirement age in private sector and politics,but in organisation like UNICEF(where I am working) there is also certain age limit of retirement.

    Your article is a message for senior citizens that “busiest life is the happiest life”.

    You have acquired internet & computer skill like Mahatma Gandhi who had adapted new technology of his time.

    Your tenure as CDMO is memorable for us because I was doing my service in Bargarh then and was close to you.

    Thanks a lot for posting your valuable article.

  7. Life is for enjoying, whatever is the age.

    There are plus points for each age and all stages in life impart different pleasures and experiences.

    Learning and teaching are unending processes and should continue without stress in pleasant manner.

    Your life and article are nice examples in fruitful, disciplined and pleasant living.

    Old age may be a heaven or hell depending significantly on how we lived through rest of our life. It is at this stage when one reaps the fruits of his good deeds and suffers the consequences of his misdeeds.

    One can learn a lot from your life and this well written piece of yours.

  8. Chandra Kumar Panda says:


    The artilce “Activities and Interests in Life as a Senior Citizen” is no doubt a learnable article so far the art of living in different phases of life is concerned.

    We, the human being pass through different stages of life i.e.the babyhood,the teen,the youth,the youngster,the old and then the ultimate succumb before the God from where the mortal life starts its cycle.In every stage we have our own responsibility with art & style of living.But it is the people who really develop their own adjustment in whatever condition of life are really great in the society.

    I my self have seen you how strenuously you were living but enjoying the life as CDMO Bargarh even if your family and children were in far off places like Delhi & Hyderabad.Similarly after retirement from service you have developed your way of living saying a good bye to the “Diabetic condition and mental agony”.

    But Sir, I admit whatever the man is doing is nothing but on the directives of the “Chakradhari”.Man is nothing but a mechanical puppet and dances according to the tune of that Chakradhari.

    May God bless everyone to live & let othrs live with all happiness in this mortal world.

    Yours Sincerely
    Chandra Kumar Panda

  9. Life never has been second; because it is started & continued to be First; but all are running to get the thing to achieve;that’s actually nothing.There is no life target except what we have achieved till date and think to get in future.

    The Best way of life is to dedicate own-self to get “Moksha”.Taking the feeling or the existence of God is actual right way to run the life.

    I can say “No one can stop no one; to adopt as legal in this Independent Universe under Almighty”.

    In fact, I like the way of Dr. Panda for his life time achievements what he is now continuing.

    Gyana Ranjan Mohanty

  10. Neha Varma says:

    Hi ! Your Work very Good.

    I Like and Appreciate.
    Keep it up.

    Thanks & Regard
    Neha Varma


    Dear Sir,
    I read your article posted on March 01, 2011 about Activities and Interests in Life as a Senior Citizen.

    Your article guides the Senior Citizen to utilize the rest part of the life in interest, enthusiasm and active with zeal and zest to pass the time with peaceful way.

    Your article enlightens the Senior Citizen not to pass the time in Despair,Depression,Emotion and Anxiety.

    Your article teaches us Love for Life ,Love for Society and Love to Almighty.

    I pray Shirdi Sai Baba bless you for your Noble Work.

    ODISHA PIN-768033

  12. Dr.Debadutta Mishra says:

    Dear Sir,
    As per my knowledge, when a human comes to the earth in human cycle he faces seven life systems:
    a.0-6 Age, He faces his life unknown because he just eats and sleeps.
    b.6-12 Age, His life only thinks and sees.
    c.13-19 Age ,Life is just to touch and realise it .
    d.20-40 Age,Life is used to it and maintain it .
    e.40-60 Age,In earth what is his position how to maintain his life in society.
    f. 60-80 Age, Back to pavillion because he thinks only for moksha, he uses his time for God through Yoga and Spirituality.
    g.80+ Age,That is going to end for a human life.
    So your thinking and approach towards life system is best.

  13. drppanda says:

    Dear Sir,
    Very nice expression.
    When exactly you started this blog sir?

  14. On Januray 22, 2012 I sent an email to Achal Ranganathan:

    Dear Ranganathanji,
    I read your article ‘A proud Gutenbergian !’ published in Open Page of ‘The Hindu’ January 22, 2012. You have said:”I don`t think I can ever become comfortable with a desktop, laptop, Netbook, iPad, akash, iPhone.”

    I would like to request you to read my article ‘Activities and Interests in Life as a Senior Citizen’ published in my blog Yoga and Spirituality through the link as my view.

    Best Regards
    Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda

    On January 25, 2012 Sri Ranganathan replied:

    Dear Dr.Panda:

    Thank you for your Email. You are absolutely correct; as Mark Twain said “You don’t stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing.”

    A. Ranganathan

  15. Dr.Binod Bihari Naik says:

    Respected Sir,

    Your topic ‘Activities and Interests in Life as a Senior Citizen’ appeased me a lot. To my utter surprise it is very amazing, particularly reflecting on me to adapt timely. Your process of life style management in I.T. age is very informative & it is alike that of So Motto Bonus. Age is no bar to designate one as senior citizen, but it falls between 58 to 65 as per superannuation of services of Govt. & public sectors; and stage of Banaprastha of general house-holders. Being declared as senior citizen he enjoys extra benefit from Rly, bank services & empathy during travelling, sympathy from family and society; still melancholy starts in many a cases. When critically analysed of passing through life, there are two blocks of E.B.(Efficiency Bar) in life cycle.

    Drawing attention I would like to quote the wonder of the three key words of the topic as follows:
    1-Activity means action makes body smart &strong and keeps away from frigidity and rigidity.
    2-Interest means engagement of monkey mind and imparts intuition, remains free from pollution of society.
    3-Senior Citizen means to remain under control by subconscious mind to develop consciousness (Soul).

    But in my case I am in transit phase of my post retirement life and fully utilizing my time in surgical practices and at times exercising with you for spiritual quest. You know better than me how to water for enrichment of subsequent path of life.
    Here now my fingers paused with a Dictum for general awareness as follows:
    Oh man either young or old never bother;
    But for fruition of life you have to cross two E.B. Remember those are:
    1;-In between 17 to 21(Teen age) for character building.
    2;-In between 58 to 65(Senior citizen- Banaprastha) for soul elevating.
    Never, never detach and distemper your activities & interests in life at least in those above periods otherwise you will fall on prey. So pray to be free from clutches to Almighty & be saved.

    Thanking You,
    Your Divine Brother
    Dr.Binod Bihari Naik
    Sr.Surgery Consultant
    Bargarh Odisha

  16. Lalchand Somani says:

    I am impressed by this blog. I am a 73 year old Consulting Engineer,quite well versed with modern gadgets. I am seriously thinking of retiring from my active working and use my time for some useful social work like helping and working for needy people.

  17. I registered my name as a user in social networking website Facebook on June 15, 2011. It is more than 3 years since then, I have been posting daily average 2-3 posts on health magazine, inspirational quotes, yoga and spirituality, photos related to functions, festivals, tours and travels in Facebook wall page and groups.

    The Facebook users may view my photos and read my posts in Facebook wall of Mahesh Chandra Panda.

  18. Dhandapani Muthuswamy says:

    Excellent ji. I have seen many govt officials, after retirement they were seeking jobs for simply passing or killing the time with intention to earn money. But u were in a noble govt job and had a chance for private practice and earn even in service and after retirement. Besides all, u entered into spirituality not merely studying but u r adhering in life. Hats off ji.

  19. Purnima Panda says:

    Respected kaka,

    If anyone has the curiosity to acquire knowledge then the life seems too small for him.To start a new thing it doesn’t matter whether you are a child or a senior one.So keep it up and do inspire us so that we also achieve new experience in life.

    I read your blog Yoga and Spirituality. After completion of your job and moreover the social work, you have utilized your valuable time in a right direction towards the extreme power i.e. God.I will pray to God that your achievement in life goes on and your article gives inspiration to us always.

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