Philosophy of Life Divine

Sri Aurobindo in his book ‘The Life Divine’ says-
Man has first to grow into the divine consciousness and as he grows he has to communicate the inner gains to the society around.

In the philosophy of life divine Sri Aurobindo looks upon this world as a scene of evolution of consciousness, with man as the crown of the effort of evolutionary nature. He also builds the way, a path to translate this vision into a living practice. He traces each yogic tradition, its contributions and its limitations and after describing the yogic and the spiritual discipline in essence, he develops what he calls Synthesis of Yoga.

All Life, he says, is Yoga.

Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda


About drmcpanda

Dr. Mahesh Chandra Panda, M.B.B.S.,M.D. Date of Birth:29.02.1948 Retd. (29.02.2008) Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh Orissa India
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10 Responses to Philosophy of Life Divine

  1. I have referred the book ‘Spiritual Life- Theory & Practice’ authored by M.P. Pandit published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry in drafting the article Philosophy of Life Divine.

  2. Vinod Varma says:

    Thanks for blog on Sri Aurobindo.

    Glad to know about him and his efforts in revival of yoga and spirituality.
    These great leaders are trail blazers who enlighten us on our spiritual path.

  3. More a person reinforces a particular set of thoughts in his mind, he evolves in to that type of personality; spiritual in this context. This leads to detatchment from world and a relative peace. Peace and happiness are ultimate aims of life. This can be true only in retired life.

  4. Chandra Kumar Panda says:

    Om Sri Sai Nathaya Namah

    Sir, the philosophy of Life Divine is no doubt a good lesson. I don’t know how to reply to this article because of the fact that the life from the birth to death is a miracle and in each & every step the life philosophy is turned by the direction of the Almighty, man is only a means to achieve only through his mercy.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Chandra Kimar Panda

  5. Dr.Binod Bihari Naik says:

    Dear Sir,

    As human race is the apex of all creations nearer to God, it possesses all limbs for union from where he is evolved. What I understand about philosophy of life divine, yoga & spirituality is a means for utilisation of body-mind consciousness and ego in one`s own discipline to super consciousness which is defined as synthesis of yoga.

    Thanking you,
    Your divine brother
    Dr.Binod Bihari Naik

  6. Prakash Padhan says:

    Respected Sir,

    Good to know philosophy of Sri Aurovindo on Yoga & Spirituality. Evolution is a continuous process. It’s a revolution in thoughts by Yogi in evolution process i.e. All life is Yoga.

  7. Kedarnath Sahu says:


    Nice article.
    This article enlightened us about the thought of Sri Aurovindo and his advice. Really Sri Aurovindo is Yogi for which he is worshiped as manifestation of God.

    Kedarnath Sahu
    Sohela Bargarh Odisha

  8. Nageswara Rao says:

    Dear Sir,

    It’s a very nice and useful article to know more about philosophy of life divine.

    Though I don’t have much knowledge about philosophy of life divine, my understanding on philosophy is-‘Synthesis of Yoga’ is a scene of evolution of divine consciousness in man, which grows to communicate the inner gains to the society as per Sri Aurobindo from this article.

    With Regards,
    Bhubaneswar Odisha

  9. Gyanaprakash Kar says:

    The Life Divine explores for the modern mind the great streams of Indian metaphysical thought, reconciling the truths behind each and from this synthesis extends in terms of consciousness the concept of evolution.

  10. Sweet Memory of Darshan of Dhyana Mandir, Sri Aurobindo Siksha Kendra Sohela Bargarh Odisha 3 Years Back on February 13, 2014

    Dhyana Mandir Sri Aurobindo Siksha Kendra Sohela Bargarh Odisha

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