Savasana or Corpse Pose in Yoga Practice

Savasana or corpse pose gets its name from the recumbent posture of a dead body. It is a position of rest and relaxation, and is usually practiced towards the end of a yoga session.

Savasana is an asana of yoga practice lying on the back, the arms and legs are spread and the eyes are closed. The whole body is relaxed onto the floor with an awareness of the chest and abdomen rising and falling with each breath. The asana is released by slowly deepening the breath, flexing the fingers and toes, reaching the arms above the head, stretching the whole body, exhaling, bringing the knees to the chest and rolling over to the side and after a short time and a slow inhalation, the practitioner takes a seated position.

Savasana brings a deep, meditative state of rest, which may help in the repair of tissues and cells, and in releasing stress. It helps reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia.

Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda
Yoga Practitioner

About drmcpanda

Dr. Mahesh Chandra Panda, M.B.B.S.,M.D. Date of Birth:29.02.1948 Retd. (29.02.2008) Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh Orissa India
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10 Responses to Savasana or Corpse Pose in Yoga Practice

  1. Madan Goyal says:

    Rightly said. Purpose of Savasana is relaxation and learning to relax. In anxiety usually the people subconsciously keep various muscles tense. One can also focus on each part of body and consciously relaxes that part. In this way each part of body is consciously relaxed. Ill effects of anxiety are best treated by practicing Savasana. It is one example of consciously controlling subconscious functions and achieving success on many diseases having psychosomatic pathway.

  2. Santhosh says:

    Dear Uncle,
    Sai Ram.

    Thanks a lot for your precious information regarding the ‘Savasana’, thank you for sharing the knowledge with all.

    Sai Ram 🙂

  3. Dr.Binod Bihari Naik says:

    Respected Sir,

    Your emphasis on Savasana or corpse position is of much more importance in day to day life to revitalize the body-mind complex and to all age group of people.It is easy to perform but difficult to reap the real benefit, hence needs regular practice under guidance of an Ashtanga Hatha Yogi. This posture shows the absorption of body and mind with escalation of ego with intuition of own vital energy making equilibrium with the cosmic energy.So mind is enriched with good thoughts and body generates permissible tasks. By virtue of this practice one shows his humanity with every body; hence it is as powerful as AUM mantra.But I opine to make head to north pole and legs to south pole for more potentiality.

    With Regards
    Your Divine Brother
    Dr.Binod Bihari Naik
    Bargarh, Odisha

  4. Deepak Sahu says:

    Respected Sir,

    I read Your article “Savasana or Corpse Pose in Yoga Practice” शवआसन is a most important part of yoga practice because it allows the mind and body to integrate the benefits of yoga. It relaxes your central nervous system and calms your mind. Coming out of Savasana feels like coming back to life. As you deepen your breath and slowly resume the pace of every-day life, notice how good it feels to be alive.

    Thanking You,
    Deepak Sahu
    Dist Bargarh Odisha

  5. Thank you for describing about savasana and its benefit. We should practice savasana (dead body asana) as our body will be dead one day. Usually I practice it after performing asanas & pranayama everyday, I feel great relaxation by doing savasana.

    Sorry for late response as I had been to Allahabad, Chitrakoot, Agra, Mathura & Vrindavan for a week.

  6. Gyana Prakash Kar says:

    Asanas are always performed with slow movement of body parts; and the main benefit of asanas comes in maintaining the posture for a considerable period of time. Savasana has to be done in a quiet and pleasant surrounding where one can link body and mind properly by maintaining body and mind awareness.

  7. I practise JALA SAVASANA (On the surface of Water) regularly before my daily Swimming routine & got the benefits.!!!

  8. Sir,

    A nice article regarding the asana i.e. Savasana which enlightened us about the realism of a sava in which the entire body is just like as a Sava i.e. Dead body.It is very interesting thing to know which maintains our body healthy in this asana. An useful article which very briefly enlightened us about the Savasana.

    With Regards
    Kedarnath Sahu
    Science Teacher
    Sohela Bargarh,Odisha

  9. Purnima Panda says:

    Pranam kaka,
    A very nice article.

    Yoga practicing is always helpful in rejuvenating and relaxing both body and mind.To get rid from stress and for better performance in daily life we all should practice this form of asana.

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