Strength or bala for Spiritual Life

One cannot achieve anything great in life without strength or bala.

Jagat-bala, worldly strength includes bahu-bala, physical power; artha-bala, money power; buddhi-bala, power of the intellect. Dharma-bala, the power of dharma is manifested by righteousness of dharma. Yoga-bala, the strength that comes from yoga is very powerful as it is based on purity, selflessness and compassion. Samyama-balam, the power of self-control by inextricably linked dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (ecstasy) controls the senses and the mind to become stronger. This power is strongest when it is tapo-bala, power of tapasya. Atma-bala is the strength of the Atman. When one thinks of oneself as the infinite Atman, one`s strength and power will be infinite. This is mukti, which makes one fearless and the person becomes the Self of everything.

One may read the scriptures and understand them, but it is almost impossible to digest them or make them practical without spiritual strength. We can acquire spiritual strength or Atma-bala by practising dharma,yoga and samyama.

Dr.Mahesh Chandra Panda


About drmcpanda

Dr. Mahesh Chandra Panda, M.B.B.S.,M.D. Date of Birth:29.02.1948 Retd. (29.02.2008) Chief District Medical Officer Bargarh Orissa India
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9 Responses to Strength or bala for Spiritual Life

  1. The article ‘Strength or bala for Spiritual Life’ is 125th article of the blog Yoga and Spirituality. It has been my constant and sustained endeavour to transcendence Jagat-bala into Atma-bala in my post retirement life to acquire optimum strength or bala for spiritual life.

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  3. Santhosh says:

    Dear Uncle,

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful and meaningful description of the types of strengths one can possess in the life time. All the balas mentioned are really important; in my view Atma Bala is very important, if it is strong, the others fall into their place easily and help us to gain the objective of life flawlessly. To make the atma bala powerful, one has to practice compassion and kindness with gratitude and generosity, these are the ones which makes the atma more powerful.

    Much gratitude again for the amazing post as always.

    Thanks and Kind Regards,
    Santhosh KV
    SAP-SRM Consultant,
    Electronic City, Bangalore

  4. Madan Goyal says:

    Strength of any type, if used for good purposes is good. We have broadly three types of strength (Tridev Brahma for knowledge, Vishnu for money and Shiv for physical power). All types have its branches. Some powers are governed by gods (Pawan Dev /Agni dev etc.) Any body can specialise in a particular field depending on the practice and hard work. Strength of any type is an asset.

  5. Dr.Binod Bihari Naik says:

    Respected Sir,

    Strength means power of different kinds that you have described vividly and so nicely that no knowledge required to comment further, but as assigned to me what I have understood I must try to simplify that; it is nothing but energy that is pervading and perpetuating in the sustenance of universe and as a whole that is not fragmented and its unique formality in nature is called universal god viz. Almighty (Formless). But when it is transformed means fragmented it becomes individual units still those have links to each other to maintain equilibrium under control by Almighty. This is natural phenomena called Creation, but abbe rant seen in case of man due to its specialized component that is mind, bestowed to him by Almighty. He always decides his own different natures and implements either negatively or positively those simulate to strengths you have enumerated here. But out of those when man desires to choice for transformation, he gradually loses his identity called revelation that is he knows his self (human-being). He then starts realization of end stage of real human-being and he merges into universal source from where it has transformed. This is called spirituality, applicable to whirlpool of energy (strength) present in man.

    Thanking you
    With regards
    Dr.Binod Bihari Naik

    • Dr.Binod Bihari Naik says:

      Respected Sir,

      I sent my last comment on your 125th topic of Yoga and Spirituality hastily on the day on my journey to Rajnandagaon on 3rd July at 2 A.M where my second son Dr Nihar Ranjan Naik is doing last year of M.D.S course. On return to-day I became astonished that you have already moderated and published it in your blog of Yoga and Spirituality. Thanks for your stamina. Is it not a strength or bala bestowed to you to inspire the same to me and others?

      This is addition to my comment on your post with a Yoga tip as follows-
      What is invisible vehicle and mantra of yoga and spirituality? I would like to answer that BREATH is the vehicle and SO-HAM is the mantra. SO means HE ( Inspiration ) and HAM means I (Expiration ) is nothing but breathe; and one who concentrates on it he gets every charm in life.

      With Regards,
      Your Divine Brother
      Dr.Binod Bihari Naik

  6. Prakash Padhan says:

    After reading different bala I gained some bala within myself. Thank you for highlighting different bala which we need for development.

  7. Sir,

    Congratulation for the article ‘Strength or bala for Spiritual Life’ which is 125th article of the blog Yoga and Spirituality.Sir really the article has enlightened us abut the bala of spiritual life.

    It is the universal truth that we are the product of God what we say the strength i.e. our-self but is it ours ! I think it is not at all; it’s only the wishes of God by which we empower our-self. All energy nor created or destroyed, it is only the transformation of one form to other which is scientifically proved.That is the reality of God in which the Bala is only acquired by Spiritual Life.

    Kedarnath Sahu
    Science Teacher
    Sohela Dist Bargarh Odisha

  8. Purnima Panda says:

    Pranam kaka,

    In this mortal world everything is temporary; money power or physical power never lasts long. Besides concentrating on these fragile things we should concentrate on Atma-bala. By practicing and gaining spiritual strength we can easily achieve our destination.

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