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Reminiscing Bapa(father): a gem of a human being

It is on this date last year that father passed away at the age of 70. This blog site was his contribution to society in the last leg of his life after doing public service as a medical doctor and … Continue reading

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Count Your Blessings by Charity

Charity is basically providing drinking water, food, clothes and shelter which are primary needs of life to the distressed and needy persons. Charity need not only be monetary; in broader sense, it can also be giving one`s time, talent, knowledge, … Continue reading

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2nd Innings of Fighting Cancer as Cancer Survivor

I had second reconstructive surgery done by Dr. Moni, BDS, MBCHB, FDSRCS, FFDRCS, FRCS, FRCS Ed., Dip AB Director and Surgeon-in-Chief Head and Neck Oncology Surgery at Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center Narayana Hospitals Bangalore on January 9, 2018 for Osteo … Continue reading

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New Year with Old Issue

Every Year is a New Year. Though new, every year is carried over with old issue. Typically, celebrations mark the arrival of a New Year everywhere. So is the case for 2018. People greet, rejoice and observe the New Year … Continue reading

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Involvement in Social Media Sustain Value Added Life of Senior Citizens in Physical Distress

I and my wife after my retirement as C.D.M.O. Bargarh Orissa on February 29, 2008 preferred to stay in a joint family with our offspring than to stay as a nuclear family at our native place in our old age … Continue reading

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Implications and Effects of Emotions

Life is a story of the alternating patterns of expression of emotions in happiness and suffering, joys and misery. Even saints are known to have struggled with the power of emotions. Though emotions are problematic, human beings supposedly become more … Continue reading

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Suffering as Karma for Spiritual Development

The book ‘Conscious Immortality’ recording statement of Ramana Maharishi mentions that “Individual human beings have to suffer their karmas for His purpose. God manipulates the fruits of karma; He does not add or take away it. The subconsciousness of man … Continue reading

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